About Us

The Sons of Helaman Motorcycle Club was the idea of Sam Connell in 1995. The club was officially organized in 2000 In California after a group of eight friends, all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who shared the love of motorcycles, riding, and sightseeing the USA, rode together from Livermore, CA to Sturgis, SD. The original eight Riders are Sam Connell, Bryce Randall, Eldon Randall, Virgil Stanger, Ray Glenn, Ron Freudendahl, Russ Neeves, and Thomas Frishknecht. Over the next few years, several friends living in Utah participated on summer rides with the California Chapter Riders, wanted to form a Utah Chapter. In April 2009 they received permission from Bryce Randall to organize the Sons of Helaman Motorcycle Club Utah Chapter. The Utah Chapter organizers are Scott Hatch, Russ Berry, Kent Hatch, and Bart Bailey. Since that time many like minded men and women of all faiths have become Riders in the Utah Chapter.


While the Sons of Helaman MC was formed by friends who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the Club rules closely follow the same tenants in relation to Guest’s and Rider’s conduct, the Club is not associated with the Church in any way. The Club is open to Riders of all faiths who are like minded and agree to abide by the Club rules and By Laws while participating in Club activities, rides, and while wearing the Patch. The Sons of Helaman Motorcycle Club:

  • fosters friendship and brotherhood among our Riders, and we promote safe motorcycle riding education and activities while we ride, enjoy, and explore our great nation.
  • is a not for profit organization and we support charitable activities and programs.
  • is a place for like minded people of all faiths who want to feel a greater sense of adventure because they choose to ride a motorcycle and who may not feel comfortable in activities provided by other clubs.
  • provides opportunities for Riders to fellowship and minister to each other and to other sheep of the fold and family of God.
  • provides opportunities for Christian missionary activities to friends and neighbors.
  • proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
  • promotes motorcycle safety and awareness.

Guests and Riders


Guests may participate in Club activities and rides when they are accompanied by a SOH Rider in good standing. Riders who bring guests to Club activities are responsible for explaining the Club rules to their guests and are responsible for their guest’s actions as if they were their own.


Club Directors authorize interested motorcyclists to become Club Riders and to wear the SOH Chapter Patch. Riders agree in writing to abide by the Club rules and By Laws while participating in Club activities.

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